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when animating with flash...

2011-09-25 14:44:39 by Sevens

What are your ups and downs when creating a Flash animation?

tell me about your experiences that I am interested in...


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2011-09-25 15:29:15

sprite and stick animations are for fucking faggots

Sevens responds:

why and how so? whats your faved type of animation?


2011-10-10 15:16:53

That's not very lady-like, "Comunist"Girl. XD

I wouldn't know what my ups and downs were because my flash animations were trash. I only made them for cheap laughs.

Sevens responds:

I totally feel ya PixlCrushr!


2011-10-14 01:32:45

getting ideas down honestly, it's hard to think of an animation idea what will actually hold up a story as well as be interesting, and fun to look at.


2011-10-17 11:34:05

I've tried some animation deeds but in the end its way hard to do them on the freware-side, once upon a time I animated with Fireworks (back in the Macromedia times) and turned put to be not that bad, but I tell you, narrative and story are my strong arm. I helped some folks on the storylines I like tha a lot, and find that one of the funniest parts of the creative process.