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What does Freedom mean to you?

2012-09-20 01:44:43 by Sevens

What are the lengths would you go to protect yours and everyone else freedom?


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2012-09-20 03:01:20

That's a good question, and to Americans, an abstract thought, that no longer applies......

The private bankers seized our real freedom around a 100 years ago, installing the Federal Reserve and the IRS to feed it directly. Freedom only works when you are supported by others who share your values... since these are Biblicaly twisted times, we'll all find out what we'll do soon enough, young man.

Where else do you show your portfolio? ...kinda shocked to see no links to websites on your main page. If you go to settings (the gear thing) and check, you'll see a link to add more links.


2012-09-20 09:35:31

Freedom is a very complex thing.
In fact, it's too complex for me to explain. At this point of where I am, I would say freedom is no homework. :P


2012-09-30 00:53:47

"The man born free, but chained for all sides" Rosseau.


2013-01-26 01:06:54

Interesting leaving this post here, since 2 or 3 gun massacres have happened well after this post was made. I'm not knocking guns, just the people who take prescription drugs for their brains (or are coming off them), and decide a gun would help their situation. ._.