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Eternity X my first web comic

2013-04-23 18:23:20 by Sevens 933389379.1073741825.100001040322521&type=1

if you want to read my first issue check out my facebook on the above link.

Eternity X my first web comic


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2013-04-23 23:18:13

Hmm, came up as unavailable.. maybe you need to be logged in?


2013-04-23 23:34:36

Oh, did you omit page 2 from your NG gallery?

(Updated ) Sevens responds:

Ill go ahead and do so, I am disappointed in the size I put up, it doesn't do it justice....


2013-04-25 14:18:44

Getting the same error as VicariousE :/

(Updated ) Sevens responds:

Im sorry you have to be signed in on Facebook, and I will friend you.
The best upload is on my FB, but for the 2nd issue I won't make the mistake of resizing the image too small for anyone to read... so for now and just only for the 1st isssue it can be read on my FB site,
I will be sure to safely upload issue 2 onto Newgrounds here soon


2015-04-25 07:37:30