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Episode 2 is finally up!

2011-08-04 23:04:04 by Sevens

sorry about the long wait folks, I need to be sure to put the Newgrounds logo on future vids too...
but here check out my new vid and 2/3 will be up next week! mNA0

Random Acts of Violence

2011-06-22 01:13:22 by Sevens

SIlly randomness.

New promotional commercial I did

2011-06-12 04:13:59 by Sevens RyAc

a short vid done the other day...

flash games

2011-05-24 21:07:05 by Sevens

what flash game is your personal favorite?

Making waves!

2011-05-14 17:25:05 by Sevens

Let's see, doing very well with the art scene in Lower Manhattan and... making great progress.
Some people don't respect artist and their art, especially when going out of their way for someone.
funny.... anyways you run into folks like that... never mind... :)

Leaving for NYC

2011-04-14 11:58:36 by Sevens

Getting back to the home front, and making this happen!

One thing I cannot stand are copy cats and liars,
Rob Granito has been caught for fraud in his work or should I say other peoples art!
What right does anyone have when they sit there and take credit for someone else's work and get recognition for tracing it??
And then lie about working for major companies such as DC, Marvel, Upper Deck etc...
Come on! that is lame!

What happened to Eddie Balin?

2011-03-24 16:49:17 by Sevens

I was looking around Newgrounds and learning more about it, when I seen some of Eddie Balin's work, it was on Livecorpse - I like both of their flash movies to an extent, but I was wondering, what happened to the guy I mean he just disappeared! Does anyone one know?