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as unexpected.... there are some few key animations in development that is going under
serious work! So please excuse me for the slow down on the episode...
so sorry folks... March 16th is the due date, trust me it will be worth it!
Thank you everyone and for the support!

if you haven't seen the first episode here is the link

New Episodes and Line up

2011-03-03 14:09:12 by Sevens

If anyone has seen my first episode- Thank you!
as for the next 40 episodes in line with Eternity X- Episode 2 Headless will soon be released, I am pushing it to March 8th.

and for the New series I am working on, Random Acts of Violence!
Hey everyone has a dark side that needs fed.
so see yall soon, and enjoy my artwork too!

Hello Newgrounders,
I am currently having trouble uploading my file as an swf file,
so please if you are trying to watch my video and subscribe, so check it out on my link to Youtube,

I am excited to show the public my original work, and would like to have the support from future fans
thank you and again sorry for the inconvenience......Ralph Nixon Jr