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Eternity X my first web comic

2013-04-23 18:23:20 by Sevens 933389379.1073741825.100001040322521&type=1

if you want to read my first issue check out my facebook on the above link.

Eternity X my first web comic

What does Freedom mean to you?

2012-09-20 01:44:43 by Sevens

What are the lengths would you go to protect yours and everyone else freedom?

friends dont trust them all

2012-09-12 14:33:20 by Sevens

Have you ever been in a situation where you haven't seen or heard from an old buddy- and when you do their true colors come out, but you only hear about it from someone else...

Street Art

2012-09-04 12:02:19 by Sevens

Well I have been out and about, and my new love is street art!
I will post up the places that I hit... so be ready.

Art Galleries disappointing...

2012-08-26 06:19:28 by Sevens

I took my painting "Solitary" to this gallery in the SOHO area, to this place in which i was called out to by a security guard who had stopped me when I was walking past- He had told me that what I had was "real art", and that he really liked what I did, so he asked me to wait in the lobby area with my painting so he could get the gallery owner/critic on contemporary art... so. I waited and this woman comes out, and she told me that the work in her gallery is what is the "In" thing... and mine was still developing, and that I was not ready... so she looked through all of my drawings and checked out my painting within minutes if that... the tourist that were coming in to see the gallery show, were crowding my art piece and asking me questions, and she did not allow that to happen and told me to see what they had and then come out, now the art in the show were overweight super heroes that were badly done... and I asked myself... is this what the art world really is??
The tourist in the waiting room loved what they saw, and that woman watched.
I tried many others and none of them seem to be moved, even some of the artist who just splatter paint without even knowing how to use the medium get the credit that they deserve... you know what I don't deserve any credit, I don't work as hard as the guy that splatters paint, this is the world of art.

New art vid on youtube

2012-08-11 01:11:57 by Sevens

Now... I would really like to thank the Audio Artist here on Newgrounds for letting me use their music in my video,
please be sure to stop by their page and check them out!! Very helpful indeed

AloysiusRexford, LoveKavi, SBB, FuNDaMeLoN, Anti-Citizen.

Improper Life

2011-12-05 02:00:13 by Sevens

Hey if you get a chance my artwork had made it on a front cover of a book by Timothy C. Campbell
called "Improper Life"- Google search it, it has my Mechanical Hand drawing on the front cover.

Happy B-Day to me!

2011-10-26 07:58:06 by Sevens

Well today is the day when I was born, I haven't celebrated my birthday in a long time, usually I take the time and draw a pic... and go over my experiences through the years, how do you and what do you do on your special day?

when animating with flash...

2011-09-25 14:44:39 by Sevens

What are your ups and downs when creating a Flash animation?

tell me about your experiences that I am interested in...

The Undead is out

2011-08-19 15:11:40 by Sevens Dzrs

Watch this folks! and thank you for the Audio Artist here on Newgrounds as well

Keith Pennington II (not on Newgrounds yet but soon.)

Show them your support and thank you for watching